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Reliable, Affordable Garage Door Repair and Services at Thornton, Colorado.
We are a locally owned company who works with local companies in Thornton and surrounding areas.

Do you need dependable, competitively-priced garage door repair services in the Thornton area? Friendly Garage Doors company is your one-stop shop for garage door installation, garage door repair, garage door maintenance, and garage door opener manufacture and repair.

We distinguish ourselves with our 24 hour accessibility and friendly, professional customer service representatives available to process your requests and requests and dispatch technicians to your home or business anytime you required .

Our garage door technicians are trained, certified, and up-to-date in all aspects of garage door installation and repair services. So Hurry up!!! Hire us and get free from all your worries related to parking slammers.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

commercial-garage-doorPartner with us today, all you business owners with commercial garage doors. You don’t know when your garage door will fail you and need immediate attention. It’s always good to have a garage door company in your contact list. We’re a professional Commercial garage door repair company in Thornton Colorado. We provide same day emergency service for all our commercial garage door customers. Find out about our maintenance packages that offers maintenance for your commercial garage door and openers every six months to keep it in proper working condition. 

We know how stressful it can be to look for a competent garage door company that will offer same day service when you need it, that’s why we’re recommended by a lot of garage door companies in the area for same day emergency garage door repair.

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Questions Customers Ask

Locate the smart button or learn button.  It is always on the motor head and always has a small led light right next to it.  On Craftsman and Liftmaster openers,  the button will be brightly colored, and by the antennae.  On a Genie opener it is typically a small black button under the light cover.  Finally, a Linear will actually mark the button “learn”.  Now that you have located the button the hard word is over.  Press and release the smart button.   Now press the button on your remote 3-4 times and the door should work.  Your remote is now programmed.  Do not hold down on the smart button simply press and release.  If you find that none of your other remotes work now you may have accidentally cleared out the memory by holding down the smart button instead of releasing it as soon as it was pressed.  If this happens, simply follow the instructions for the other remotes.

It depends, if the “good” spring is the same age as the broken spring then replace both.  If you have a “good” spring that is one year old then I would replace just the broken spring.

Probably not, the frequency the remotes use change every so often.  If it is possible we will gladly code them in for you.

Yes replace the universal remote with the model sent from the factory.  They work better in almost all instances.

No we replace everything.  The tracks, springs, cable, hinges, rollers, and

Yes, unless the customer requests the item be kept on site.

It probably needs lubricated. You can use anything from a good silicone lubricant to a light weight motor oil.  Steer clear of WD-40 for this application.

Yes, with a quality latex paint.

This sounds like a broken torsions spring.  To check this simply look up above your door, you should see either one or two springs on a rod called a shaft.  If one of these springs has a separation in them, then you have found your problem.   The spring and cable will be hanging from the side of the door.

If you have to hold down on your wall button to get your door down, your problem lies in the infrared reversing system.  It could be as simple as one of the infrareds was bumped with a trash can and needs re-aligned, or you could need parts replaced.

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